The Agricultural Management (BAgricMgt) degree prepares students to face and manage challenges in the dynamic fields of farming and agribusiness.  In contrast to the BScAgric degree, which is strongly science orientated, the three-year BAgricMgt degree is a more applied option, giving the student a broad background in farming and agribusiness practice.  It blends agricultural and production courses with commerce and business courses.  Candidates receive sound training in:

  • Agricultural Ecosystems and Ecology Management.
  • Production courses in fields such as Animal Science, Crop Science, Horticultural Science and Agricultural Engineering.
  • Business courses such as Computing, Accountancy, Agricultural Law, Financial Management and Human Resource Management.
  • Economics
  • Agricultural Economics.

After completing a BAgricMgt degree, graduates can study further towards a BAgricMgt(Hons) (Commerce or Production option), MAgricMgt or PhD degree.  Further information for prospective postgraduate students is provided elsewhere on our web site.  

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