Postgraduate Modules

AGEC 802 - Advanced Agricultural Price Analysis

Aim: To provide insight into the application and analysis of price theory in product and resouce markets with specific reference to South Africa Agriculture. This module focuses on macro-economic issues. Content: Economics of free markets (Hayek, Buchanan, and Coase). Economics of water markets. Supply and risk. Demand for resources. Agriculture and State.

 Risk analysis in econometric agricultural supply models. Institutional economics, property rights and transaction costs. Contingent valuation and conservation. Opportunity costs and demand for children. Water markets. Mathematical applications in economics.

AGEC 803 - Applied Econometrics

Aim: To enable students to apply econometric models and techniques to a wide range of empirical problems in the fields of econmic policy, price analysis, marketing and agribusiness management. Content: Methodology of Econometrics. Multicollinearity, autocorrelation and specification bias in linear regression models. Dummy variables. Lag and autoregressive models. Panel data regression models. Simultaneous-equation models. Cointegration. Principal components. Linear discriminant, logit and probit models. Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (ARCH) and General ARCH (GARCH) models.


AGEC 804 - Strategic Farm and Agribusiness Management

Aim: To provide students with a thorough insight into the key issues facing farm and agribusiness managers. This module focuses on micro-economic, macro-economic and strategy issues. Content: Strategy crafting. Competitive strategy and competitive advantage in diversified and non diversified firms. Global strategies. Competing in foreign markets. Strategy implementation. Agribusiness case studies. Key farm and agribusiness issues (economics and management of resources, risk, inflation, information, value innovation, HIV AIDS, ethics and empowerment).

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